COVID-19 Safety

Jackson Eye Care is committed to community leadership - as we define and implement safe clinical operations for our patients, staff, and providers - so that we may continue to provide our eye care services while respecting the ongoing needs for COVID mitigation in our society. More than ever, we want to remain true to our core values of being friendly, compassionate and respectful to each person we interact with in the office.


Patient Screening and Safety


  • A member of our staff will assist you with screening and direction.

  • You should be present for your appointment either alone or with only one companion, if required for assistance. If possible, drivers should remain outside or in their vehicle.

  • Mask wearing is required for you and your companion.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for use.

  • All staff, patients and caregivers will have their temperature taken on entry to the clinic.

  • Individuals with temperature greater than 100 degrees F will not be allowed in the clinic. The physician will be notified of patients presenting with a high temperature.

  • Social distancing will be maintained to the best of our ability during your visit

  • Please reschedule your appointment if:

    • You have been in contact with someone who was confirmed or suspected to have Coronavirus/ COVID 19

    • If you are experiencing a fever, cough or shortness of  breath

    • If you have any of the above symptoms, please contact your primary care physician.


Stay Informed